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Terms and Conditions

D Good Flooring LTD T&C's

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Please find below information relating to the terms and conditions which are applicable when you enter into a goods and services contract with D Good Flooring LTD. These terms and conditions apply when an order has been placed by D Good Flooring LTD on behalf of you. Such as when you pay a deposit, or confirm in writing, or by telephone that you would like to go ahead with a quotation or price given.


Quotations will expire inline with the agreement on the quotation. You should check the details of your quote and agreed scope of works carefully including these terms and conditions and if you have any queries please raise these immediately with us. Please note that any revisions to your order may incur further costs. Where you have received an estimate of the price but the final price is to be determined by a home/site visit there may be a fluctuation in price. If the price, following the home/site visit, is lower than the estimate, your contract will reflect the lower price. You are responsible for all measurements you give us, except where D Good Flooring LTD have completed a home visit and surveyed the relevant parts of the space in which we are providing floor coverings for.

Cancellation of an order is not normally accepted unless we are in breach of contract, in which case you have the right to cancel. The processing of your order begins as soon as the materials have been ordered on your behalf, and we become in debt to the supplier therefore we may make a charge to cover some or all of these costs and other losses we incur if you breach the contract such as a “re-stockage fee”

Delivery and Installation

D Good Flooring LTD will check that the goods we have received on your behalf are correct, we will check that they are the correct colour, size, and options selected by you and that they are examined for apparent faults or damage at the time of delivery and before installation. All delivery and fitting dates are estimates and are given in good faith.

For a perfect finish, many flooring products require a smooth, dry, clean and sound foundation. We may not always be able to ascertain if your subfloor requires extra preparatory work if your existing flooring has not been removed at the time of our home/site visit. On rare occasions it may be necessary to involve the services of a specialist contractor or carry out additional repairs to the sub-floor in order to achieve a perfect finish, such as dealing with damp, cracked or rotten subfloors.

If you require additional finishing services such as door easing or whipping, waste removal or uplift of existing flooring these will be quoted for separately based on our availability. Doors may need to be trimmed to allow sufficient clearance. This is not considered to be part of the fitting work unless this was specifically agreed in advance. We may need to remove doors to facilitate fitting and where necessary and we will leave them ready for you or your appointed person to carry out the trimming and rehanging at a later date. 

All employees and subcontractors of D Good Flooring LTD carry out their work with reasonable skill and care, but on rare occasions home décor may be marked or scuffed during the fitting process. D Good Flooring LTD will not carry out any redecoration, except where damage has been caused by that person’s negligence or this has been agreed as part of the quotation. The position of hidden cables and pipes should be made aware to the fitter and assumed that these are fitted to British Standards, D Good Flooring LTD will not be held responsible for

damage to any services where pipes and cables have been installed outside of British Standards and we were not previously notified. All furniture moved in order for the floor to be laid will be treated with care and consideration, but D Good Flooring LTD will not be held liable for any damage to customers property where we are moving furniture on behalf of customers. This includes dishwashers and washing machines. D Good Flooring LTD are not responsible for the re-plumbing of any appliances.

Product Conformity

The samples we provide are intended to give a general impression of the colour and pattern of any floor covering. When fitted in a larger area some products may show additional patterns and colours which may not be obvious from the sample. Colours vary from batch to batch and exact matching between separate pieces cannot be guaranteed. For Luxury Vinyl tiles and Wood flooring there may be a

significant variation in the colour and design of your floor due to the random nature which occurs with wood and other natural materials, from which the design has been taken.  For some carpets, the pile may become flattened slightly during storage and transportation showing

a ‘pole mark’. These will disappear as the carpet settles in to its new environment and the pile is flexed through regular use and vacuum cleaning.

 Manufacturers Warranty and Guidance

We will fit all products as per the manufacturer’s guidance except where you have agreed otherwise and understand the implications of your request. In some circumstances we may ask you to sign an agreement waiver. Certain products have additional guarantees provided by the manufacturer. Where they are provided by the manufacturer, we accept no responsibility for these additional warranties or guarantees. All manufacturers’ wear guarantees do not relate to the appearance of the product but are specifically in relation to its lifespan. 

The appearance of your flooring may deteriorate or vary depending upon your usage, demands and aftercare. Any damage which has occurred due to negligence, malice, removal, fire, water damage and similar events will void the warranty. Similarly, damage or marks which have appeared following the use of an unsuitable chemical product or improper cleaning method, are not covered by the warranty.


All invoices submitted by D Good Flooring LTD are due on receipt. We do not offer any payment plans and expect customers to have the funds available to pay in full at the point that they engage with our services. D Good Flooring LTD are a VAT registered business therefore VAT will apply to all invoices. Cash purchases will still incur VAT and this method of payment must be agreed at the beginning of the contract. Invoices paid by credit card will incur administration charges. D Good Flooring LTD reserves the right to add additional fees to invoices which remain unpaid after 14 days and may engage in third party services to recover the cost of unpaid invoices. The cost

of this will be added to the total amount.